The Survival Minecraft Test

There was once a removed version of Minecraft classic called the survival test. It is kind of odd but fun, because when you kill a pig, it drops 1, 2 or 3 brown mushrooms. Brown mushrooms heal your health when you eat them. There are also red mushrooms that take away health. Creepers have melee so when they die they blow up. Zombies wear iron armor. The survival test is fun, because when you die you can generate a new world. Or, the game breaks, which, when it breaks, it is not fun at all because you sometimes have to restart the page.


My cat Issac is so funny. When I was scratching him today he farted, and he was freaked out by the sound of him farting! It was so hilarious! He did it five or six times!

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  2. ford says:

    i really wanted to play the survival test but i started playing minecraft in 1.2 01 beta

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