Ford Sicore, Scientist

This is me making potions to turn people into a certain kind of animal. Those animals are lions, tigers, llamas, turtles, parakeets, cows, snakes, tortioses, dogs, cats, elephants and last but not least, monkeys.

Those are pens in my pocket. I am a scientist.


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6 Responses to “Scientist”

  1. morealive says:

    Dear Ford,

    My name is Mike. I live in Maryland, and I am one of your mom’s friends from her flickr website. I think your drawings are incredible! You are also a very good writer. Have you ever thought of writing a book one day?

    I can’t wait to keep reading your posts to see your work get even better! Keep writing!

    You can look at my blog if you want. It’s not too exciting, but it does have pictures of my classroom! (I am a new 3rd grade teacher!)

    You rock!

  2. admin says:

    Dear Mike,

    Thank you for saying that about my blog. Thank you very much. I might write a book someday but I think I’ll have to do a lot of writing and drawings to do it. But I think I can!

    Ford Sicore

  3. peterv says:

    Hey Ford,

    What about otters, can you turn people into otters? Do you know otters? We saw some when we were in Monterey, I think you went there and saw them too? I thought they looked very cute. If I were to be turned into an animal I think I might like to be an otter, floating lazily on my back in the water while eating some shellfish.


  4. ryders says:

    Dr. Ford-

    I’m very excited to see your scientific experimentation in progress. Do you think that at some point you will start to create hybrids? Like Giraffefants? Or Orangopossums? What about a porcupinamma?

    Or is that just kooky?


  5. ford says:


    I think I would be able to turn you into an otter. If I tried to make the potion for it. I’ll try to make the potion. 🙂 Ford.

  6. ford says:


    I think I would mix potions to make hybrids out of two or more animals. Like Ligers. You know, like a lion and a tiger mixed. But it’ll have a crystal body that is highly magnetized. 🙂 Ford.

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