Minecraft: potions and potion brewing.

In the full release of Minecraft 1.0.0 there are potions and potion brewing! This is how it works: if you want to make a potion, get three blocks of glass then place them like this -_- ; put them in an upside down triangle with no roof and you get three glass bottles. Then you make a brewing stand with cobblestone and a blaze rod. Place it so there are three cobble on the bottom of your crafting table and a blaze rod in the middle. Then you take your brewing stand and place it wherever you want. Then place the three glass bottles or just 2 or 1 inside the brewing stand grid. There are little traces of glass bottles resembling where you place them. How to make a potion of instant health: you take three glass bottles and point your cursor at water and right click. Then you get a water bottle. You place it in your brewing stand and then brew it with Nether Wart (found in Nether fortresses in the Nether). You do this by placing the Nether Wart at the top of the brewing stand grid. It slowly makes awkward potion and then you brew it with a glistering melon and it makes potion of instant health! How to brew strength potion: awkward potion + blaze powder. potion of harming : water bottle + fermented spider eye. potion of speed : awkward potion + sugar.

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