Chainmail armor!

Chainmail armor is a type of armor that is made by making a fabric of metal rings and I will be making it. How to make it: take a dowel and wrap electrical fence wire around it until you have a spring-like product. Then take the spring and cut it into little open circles then you take 1 circle and 4 other open circles and connect them to the 5th open circle and close the 5th circle with two pliers. Then make another pattern like I just told you. Then connect those two patterns together by connecting the two open circles together. Then keep doing that over and over again until it makes a huge pattern.  But if you’re making a chest plate make sure you leave a hole in the middle for your head and shoulder cuffs. I am going to make a lot of chainmail armor and I will make and post a video on how to make it if you are really interested in this like I am. I like chainmail because it helps you by protecting you from little brother punches. Like my brother Chas, he punches me A LOT. Chainmail also protects your skin from sharp blades!

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