the shooting range

Last week I went to the shooting range with my dad! It’s one of the most fun things I have ever done! I like shooting the rifle much better than the handgun because it is less loud, much easier and doesn’t push you back! What you do when you see a lost gun: stop, walk away and tell an adult. A really important rule is to never point a gun at somebody whether loaded or not loaded NEVER DO IT! Another good rule is to never dryfire(fireing a gun with out a cartridge in the chamber) a gun the gun will get internally damaged. A great rule is always wear safety goggles and ear phones incase a bullet shell flies into your eye. Where headphones because when you fire a gun it is really loud (rifle is not that loud sometimes I dont need ear phones its not loud at all) especially handgun. Always point the gun in a safe direction never towards a animal(only if hunting that animal)or human. Before you buy a gun you have to wait 10 days because if you are buying a gun to kill somebody you hate you have to calm down before getting the gun so your not mad any more. Heres the link to the gun safety website created by the NRA. MY rifle is a Ruger .22 long rifle named boomstick mcshootington! I also have a scope! the sight is a Leupold 2-7×33 mm!

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