There is this EPIC game that I found  called Terraria. It is an adventure, action, sandbox and indie game where you start  with a copper shortsword copper pickaxe and a copper axe. it is 2D and really addictive. there is no end to the game;exactly like minecraft. it is basically 2D minecraft but with way more items and bosses like the WALL OF FLESH,THE DESTROYER,SKELETRON,SKELETRON PRIME, EYE OF CTHULU,THE TWINS: retinazer and spasmitasm.

It is similar to minecraft decided by the gameplay:building crafting mining and fighting.

Terraria is operable on windows XP,windows vista,and windows 7. There is also a mac version. but it is kinda hard to find.

I would recommend this game for people who like building exploration and daring adventures.
me and a lot of my friends love terraria. my friend Sam and I Skype each other while we play it

I play terraria all the time so leave a comment if you would like to play multiplayer with me.

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