Real Life Minecon Cape!

Last November in Las Vegas, Minecraft held a convention and we were lucky enough to go. It was called Minecon. Everybody who went to this convention got an in-game red creeper face Minecon cape! They were a huge hit. After the convention, people who hadn’t gone kept asking me whether I could get them a cape. Of course, I can’t them in-game Minecon capes…

So Today I will be making a real life Minecon cape! It will be the red creeper face one! How I will make it: first I will cut out a piece of red felt.  Then I will cut out darker red pieces of felt and sew them on to fashion a creeper face. After that, I will sew on strings of fabric to tie it around my neck so I can wear the cape. Done. I might use the sewing machine because it takes less time. If you leave a comment here, let me know whether you’d like one, too.  It will cost you $10, which will include shipping. I’ll make you a cape and mail it to you! You can even ask me if you want to have a different design cape or a multicolor Minecon cape!


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