My Day in Minecraft

Today in this day in Minecraft I was wandering around the world and I found an awesome mountain that had giant caves that burst out of it and it was next to an npc village! I was suggesting that I would use my piston patch mod to shoot sand and gravel and drown the village and the villagers in sand and gravel; but that would be too evil so I decided to live at the village because I was in survival mode and I didn’t have a home. So I used singleplayer commands mod to spawn a diamond sword and chain armor and fight of monsters at night. When I was killing a spider I fell into a huge cave. I quickly tried to launch myself out with a piston, but a creeper was too close to me. I decided to kill myself and respawn, but I would lose all my xp orbs that I gathered, and I had thousands of them! So I decided to use the command killall and it worked! I went back home and I saw that my house was mysteriously smaller! I decided to go to bed and wake up in the morning. The next day I woke up endlessly falling in the void, a victim of a glitch in the program. I died immediately and respawned in my village and it appeared to be my minecraft birthday! In Minecraft years I am thirthysomething years old. The End.


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