Yesterday I installed a calibration mod for Minecraft 1.0.0. It is a mod where you get every single item in the game in creative (including hidden silverfish, end portal, end portal frame, the removed locked chests and you even get an aether portal and a hammer of Notch!). Theres tons of new mobs. There are even dungeons with bosses inside them! There are weird plane-like things that are actually giant sky-whales and there are tornado mobs that, once you go near them, they push you and launch you up into the air! There are giant kingdoms that have angels inside of them. You have to get 10 victory medals to fight them and they have giant spear-like weapons! I think they are lances, though. There are floating islands and clouds and you can even break through and walk on the clouds. Some clouds are bouncy and springy; others you just fall onto them and you sink down one block—but you don’t fall out of it! There are cows and pigs with golden wings and, if you put a saddle on a pig, you can fly around!


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