March 27th, 2012

There is this EPIC game that I found  called Terraria. It is an adventure, action, sandbox and indie game where you start  with a copper shortsword copper pickaxe and a copper axe. it is 2D and really addictive. there is no end to the game;exactly like minecraft. it is basically 2D minecraft but with way more items and bosses like the WALL OF FLESH,THE DESTROYER,SKELETRON,SKELETRON PRIME, EYE OF CTHULU,THE TWINS: retinazer and spasmitasm.

It is similar to minecraft decided by the gameplay:building crafting mining and fighting.

Terraria is operable on windows XP,windows vista,and windows 7. There is also a mac version. but it is kinda hard to find.

I would recommend this game for people who like building exploration and daring adventures.
me and a lot of my friends love terraria. my friend Sam and I Skype each other while we play it

I play terraria all the time so leave a comment if you would like to play multiplayer with me.

Milk Farm

March 26th, 2012

Last week, my dad’s side of the family came to visit us from Texas, and we spent the holiday at an organic milk dairy farm in Point Reyes National Seashore. We had so much fun! I learned about milking cows and the technology they use to make sure how much food each cow gets. they use a little tag on the cows collar that gets scanned and gives the cow how much food it needs. Different cows need different amounts of food. For example, when they want to dry off a cow they give it different kinds of food. Then she can go to another pasture to get pregnant and make another cow for the farm.

The thing I liked most about the trip was having the experience of living on a farm. I thought it would be boring BUT IT WASN’T! It was freaking fun because I liked the cows. I even named #58 “Noodles.” I was thinking of a noodle basket at the time. We got to spend time with the calves and one of them tried to nurse my thumb. They thought it was an udder. It felt like sandpapery glue. I don’t know how the cows deal with that on their boobs! It feels so weird. I feel bad for the calves though, because they leave their mothers when they are two days old. Mothers are comforting to babies. So how do they take care of themselves when they are scared or sad?

After spending the time at the dairy, I feel better about drinking milk now that comes from a farm, because its freakin’ delicious. It seems clean enough, too, and the cows seem happy. I’d be a happy cow there.

After leaving the dairy farm, we went to Calistoga, where we went swimming at a hot springs spa. It was pretty relaxing. I was really disappointed, though, because I didn’t get to take a mud bath liked my mom got to take.


Unknown Video Setting Controls for M2.inecraft 1.2!/IRON GOLEMS!!!

February 28th, 2012

When I got Minecraft 12w08a I found out there are really weird video settings you can access by pressing the g,h,j,k,l,y,u,i,o and p keys.  It’s like extra-weird FOV (field of view) but I think it may be a bug.  Here’s the link to the Mojang website to download Minecraft 12w08a snapshot so YOU can see what I’m talking about.  I don’t really think Jeb (the head developer at Mojang, who also used to be the backbone developer) wanted that control AND ITS NOT EVEN ON THE CONTROLS SCREEN! I was really confused when I accidentally found out about the bug.

In Minecraft 12w08a there are these village protectors called iron golems!  They are these weird villager-faced iron golems that can be made by the player by stacking two iron blocks on top of each other and two iron blocks on the side (arms, I think) and a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern on top. I think they were based on the robot from Castle in the Sky. They are mainly purposed to defend the villagers in NPC villages from zombies and skeletons, spiders and endermen. If you kill an iron golem they will drop 1 to 2 roses and 3 to 5 iron ingots.  They drop roses because they offer roses to villager children.