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Cyborg Spray Paint Fun

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

cyborg spray fun

mom’s note: This is from Taro Gomi’s “Doodle” book, in case the base drawing looks familiar!

This is me having a fight with my friend Revan. We are playing spray can wars. It is really fun. This is how you play spray can wars: You get water cans and you spray them at each other and whoever gets the most sprays wins the game and the other person dies. It has to be attached to your arm and then it takes a sample of your blood out so it knows who you are–if it’s not you, it deactivates and it closes its eye, where the spray shoots through. If it’s not you then it doesn’t work. It puts numbing medicine on you, but still, it’s just like an itty bitty ant bite–you don’t feel a thing.

There’s a little ant down there, in fact, wondering what that is.