Chainmail armor!

February 8th, 2012

Chainmail armor is a type of armor that is made by making a fabric of metal rings and I will be making it. How to make it: take a dowel and wrap electrical fence wire around it until you have a spring-like product. Then take the spring and cut it into little open circles then you take 1 circle and 4 other open circles and connect them to the 5th open circle and close the 5th circle with two pliers. Then make another pattern like I just told you. Then connect those two patterns together by connecting the two open circles together. Then keep doing that over and over again until it makes a huge pattern.  But if you’re making a chest plate make sure you leave a hole in the middle for your head and shoulder cuffs. I am going to make a lot of chainmail armor and I will make and post a video on how to make it if you are really interested in this like I am. I like chainmail because it helps you by protecting you from little brother punches. Like my brother Chas, he punches me A LOT. Chainmail also protects your skin from sharp blades!

MClauncher From Digiex!

February 2nd, 2012

MClauncher is a program and you can download versions of minecraft from the launcher screen and play them! just select options and it says jar download. then click it and it gives you a list of versions to download! my favorite version is the survival test. just search digiex in your search bar and click on it and search mclauncher at the website. just download it and double click it and DONE! you may leave a comment and tell me your favorite update or version of minecraft! I am also learning how to make mods and i will post a video for how to do it on youtube very soon! here is a link to the digiex site and MClauncher link Digiex.

Minecraft EDU

January 31st, 2012

Minecraft edu is a new education method that will bring Minecraft to schools in multiple countries like Finland, USA and China. It also has a custom mod that is really helpful for classroom teachers and homeschool teachers to use. Like my mom! The mod makes it so the teacher (or person that has the mod) can teleport students to them (the teacher). From there, the teacher can place blocks that symbolize where the student can or cannot build.  The teacher can create assignments and give them tools like diamond armor, iron pickaxes and golden swords.  She/he can set the spawn point and allow creative mode and flying. I use math in minecraft already with out realizing it because I have to use a lot of fractions. For example, when I have to figure out how much space is needed to build a 9 by 9 farm and a 10 by 8 house or a 6 by 4 super small pirate ship.  Say you want to make a 5 by 5 house.  How many blocks would you need to build half of it or the whole thing?  You figure that out first on paper or in your head, using your math facts, and then you can easily check your math by building it in the game.